A nonsurgical noninflammatory chat with the appendix

A nonsurgical noninflammatory chat with the appendix Interview done by Srt.?

Name    :  appendix

Surname   :vermiform


called   :      vestigeal 


Address: mcburneys point, right iliac fossa gated community.

Cell numb:ask the pathologist ? for cell numb and type.

Email id :24hours-spain@aahh.abdomen.in

(  password:  I think is fecolith?  )         


facebook status:married to miss o.appendix (mesoappendix)

Watsapp group:adorable abdomen



Fav music:bowel sounds

Fav dance:persistalsa (intestinal salsa dance?)

Fav tv show:grays  anatomy (very romantic??)

favourite indoor game:hide n seek . Sometimes I hide beneath the liver n in the pelvis to confuse the radiologist .but they hav discovered a cat which can find me there too….CAT scan?.

Fav subj :maths.

I keep counting the follicles in the ovary, fimbria of the fallopian tube n villi of the intestine.

Fav outdoor game: free style swimming in  formalin solution.

Nature:silent but wen I fight I become red with anger (appendicitis)

And can even create tsunami in the abdomen (peritonitis) and send the owner of the abdomen to motuary n then to obituary .?

One last message to the viewers:save us from the serial killers ( ie from the  gen surgeons.)