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Irony of life

Irony of life: the lawyer hopes you get into trouble, the doctor hopes you get sick, the police hopes you become a criminal, the teacher hopes you are born stupid, the landlord hopes you don’t buy a house, the dentist hope your tooth decays, the mechanic hope your car breakdown, the coffin maker wants you dead………only a Thief wishes you “prosperity in life” and also wishes “you have a sound sleep”

The guy is on his final question for 5crore on ‘KBC’, and has one lifeline left, ‘Phone A Friend’,

The guy is on his final question for 5crore on ‘KBC’, and has one lifeline left, ‘Phone A Friend’,

 And the Question was…

“Which Bird does not make a nest?”

1: Sparrow

2: Swallow

3: Blackbird

4: Cuckoo

The guy is not sure, so he calls his girlfriend.

She answers, “Stupid, it’s obviously a cuckoo, 100%” and the guy wins.

Later the guy calls his girlfriend, “how the hell did you know that, honey? I must say you’ve got more brains than I credit you for!”

And the sweet thing replies:








.”Well…., u idiot, cuckoo lives in a clock na!”

The guy is still in coma ??????

A man asked an Artist

A man asked an Artist:How do you make such a beautiful things from stone?He replied:Beauty is already hidden there,I just remove Extra Stone. Your Happiness are hidden within yourself, Just Remove Your Worries…..

Salary day special !!!

Salary day special !!!

9.00 : *beep beep*.. Msg received…

Salary credited to ur a/c

Me : Yipeeee..

9.01 : *beep beep*

Home EMI auto debited..

9.02 : *beep beep*

Car loan EMI auto debited..

9.03 : *beep beep*

Credit card bill auto debited..

9.04 : *beep beep*

Phone bill auto debited..

9.05 : *beep beep*

Electricity bill auto debited..

9.06 : *beep beep*

LIC EMI auto debited..

9.07 : *beep beep*

Medical insurance EMI debited..

9.08 : *beep beep*

Pls maintain minimum balance…!!!