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Wht do U cll a dog with no legs? It doesn’t m@ter wot U cll him, he ain’t gonna cum.

Y did T jelly baby go 2 school? Bcoz it wanted 2 B a smarty.

Y did T farmer win a noBl prize? Bcoz he was out st&ing in his field!

2 men R fishing. A funeral march goes by. T 1st man places his h@ on his chest. 2nd man says ”Th@’s nice. 1st man says ‘It’s T least I cn do. We wr married for 25 years.’

Hw do U occupy an idiot? Press down – Press up!

T Japanese hv banned all animal movements after discovering droppings in T Bdding in 2kyo. Ty Blieve it could B a case of Fu2n Mouse.

2 cows in a field. 1 cow says ‘Hv U hrd about ths mad cow disease?’ T oTr thinks & replies ‘Yep but it doesn’t affect us rabbits.’

Ths msg cn only B read by a SEXY person: Nothing? Sorry, I guess UR just not SEXY… Hey! Dnt force it ugly, get lost!