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A negative thinker see a difficulty in every opportunity,A positive thinker see an opportunity in every difficulty,wish u an optimistic life..

Never search your happiness in others
It will make you feel alone.
But search it in yourself
You will feel happy even if you are alone.

Life is a great travel trip…
Problem is that it doesnt come with a map.
We’ve to search
our own ways to reach the Destinations…!

If you wait to be happy,
you will wait for ever.
But if you start to be happy,
you will be happy from today.

You must have
long range goals
to keep you
from being frustrated
by short range failures.

FOUR Real FACTS to live better life ;
Never say sorry to one , who understands u…
Never say Bye to one , who NEEDS you…
Never Blame the one , who really TRUSTS you…
Never forget the one , who always REMEMBERS u..

Thought for the day”
Always be the reason of someone’s happiness never just a part of it.
Be a part of someone’s sadness never the reason for it.

Good behavior can cover the lack of good looks,
But good looks can never cover the lack of good behavior,
So keep your behavior at the level best.

Happiness is a perfume.
You cannot spread on others without getting a few drops on urself.
So always be happy to make others happy !

One simple tip to stay happy always.
Never think & speak about a 3rd person,
Never think what a 3rd person thinks & speaks about you.