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Everybody knows how to love, but only a few people know how to stay in love with one person for a very long period of time.

No one is too young for love, because love doesn’t come from your mind, which knows your age, but from your heart, which knows no age.

The words “I Love You” are not for everyone to say from their mouth to their beloved one. It’s a feeling that you can whisper to each other from heart to heart without saying it aloud.

When you love, you get hurt. When you get hurt,you hate. When you hate, you try to forget. When you try to forget, you start missing. And when you start missing… you’ll eventually fall in Love again…

If you love someone then you love all of them. Not just the good things. Support them and be there for them. Flaws and all.

The best love is the one that makes you a better person. without changing you into someone other than yourself.

The greatest distance in the world is just 14 inches… From the mind to the heart… It’s most difficult to manage the balance between them.

Lifetime Truth of Love No matter how you behave with people around you. They will love you according to their need and mood…!!

Do not put conditions on the love that you give. Accept people the way they are do not expect and demant that people fit your mold before you love them.

Love can make you do the things that you never thought possible.

Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dumb it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it.

Love is not only about romance candle-lit dinners and walking hand in had. In fact, real love is about a life time of compromise, commitment and trust.

Always tell someone how you feel, because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last for a lifetime

If you find someone willing to go through hell just to keep your realtionship alive, then never ever take their love for granted.

Love is a meeting of two souls, fully accepting the dark and the ligh within each other bound by the courage to grow through struggle into bliss.

We may love the wrong person, cry for the wrong reason, but one thing for sure is that mistakes help us to find the right person.

Love always full time, never part time never sometimes and certainly not just on your time.

Love is when there are million things you want to say to someone, but when they look you in the eyes and hold you in their arms, nothing in life matters other than being with that person at that moment.

In life, Love is never planned. It does not happen for a reason. But when love is real, it becomes your plan for life and your reason for living.

I don’t want you to change to be more like me. I love me because I’m like me, but I love you because you’re like you. That is what true love is.

Hugs were invented to let people know you love them without having to say anything.

Love who your heart wants, not what your eyes want. Don’t worry about what others say or think. This love is yours, not theirs.

When; A girl is in love, you can see it in her smile. When; A boy is in love, you can see it in his eyes.

You may choose not to fall in love but don’t be a victim of misplaced confidence, remember to fall in love with yourself first. and sometimes that could means waking away, you have only this one life to live so, never waste it.

The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.

True love is when you want to live with someone, loving their bad sides and trying to make them better.

A person who truly loves you is someone who sees the pain in your eyes, while everyone else still believes in the smile on your face.

Don’t give up on love, because there is always someone who loves you. Even if it’s not the person you were hoping for.

It doesn’t matter how you look, what your weight is or how much make-up you put on. The right person will love for what’s on the inside.

Love is a Gamble, you take a chance, let your heart go, like a dice, you never know the result until the end.

Sometimes, people come into your life not to love you… But to make you feel that you are worth loving…

Love means that you accept a person with all their failures stupidities, ugly points and nonetheless, you see perfection, in imperfection itself.

Love doesn’t need a reason. Pure love will come from the heart without reason and stay every season.

I love you. Time will not change this as I know it will not change your love for me. I can not ask for anything more than your love becasue I never thought I would ever receive as much as I have with you. Be My Big Love.

I don’t want the perfect relationship, because perfect is impossible, I want trustworthy, honest, loyal and love. I love imprefections. I don’t want perfect. I want worth it.

When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it. You just slowly learn how to go on without them. But always keeping them tucked safely in your heart.

The best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other that yourself.

Loving someone doesn’t need a reason. If you can expalin why you love someone, it’s not called LOVE it’s called LIKE

Love is not about how many days, months or years you’ve been together. Love is about how much you love each other every day

A man can love a million gurls, but only a real man can love one girl in a million ways.

Sometimes, when you love someone very much you have to go through every TEAR every HEARTACHE every PAIN… Because in the end… It’s not how you love but how much you HOLD ON.

I’m scared of looking at you. Because the more I do… The more I fall in love with you.

Love Is Like A Joke Sometimes it’s fun but sometimes it hurts.

No one falls in love by choice, it is by chance. No one stays in love by chance, it is by work. No one falls our of love by chance, it is by choice.

The person who loves you more will fight with you daily without any reason. But whenever you’re sad that person will fight with the world to end your sadness.