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→ Mobile phones are the only things in live of which men talk about having the smallest.

→ A lawyer says ‘we’ won’ or ‘You’ have lost.

→ All computers wait at the sames speed.

→ Real anarchists play chess without kings.

→ Monday is one seventh of your life!

→ When I was young I begged God for a bike, but God does not work that way… so I stole a bike and begged for forgiveness!

→ Aiming to remain good sports, we park as close as possible near the sports centre.

→ Money ressembles fat… there is plenty of it, but always in the wrong places.

→ No-one loves hard work more than the one who pays for it.

→ Some people live because it is illegal to kill them!

→ Richness has eternal value if we use it to make others happy.

→ Everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die…

→ There are days that nothing goes your way, but does it help to complain? No, not a bit. So, stand up to it, list all the points and put your schoulders to the wheel, even worries go away.

→ Learn to live every moment of happiness, are never too busy to receive or give love.

→ We have to make a choice, the truth or the appearances. You can loose yourself if you are never you.

→ The sea consists of water drops, the sand dunes of grains of sand, time of moments, use them with common sense!

→ Today is the day … It comes only once- … because tomorrow …is no longer today. Enjoy life… it is possible …but do it today … because today is the day

→ When you yell 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, you would have produced enough energy to warm one cup of coffee. ( Niet echt de moeite dus!)

→ You can’t walk in the light without causting a shadow

→ Without the rubber tree the whole world would have AIDS

→ If you hit every time the target is too near or too big.

→ The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes

→ The secret of success lies not in doing your own work but in recognizing the right man to do it.

→ People are not afraid of how bad you are, People are afraid of how good you are.

→ Trains never follow the schedule, they follow the rails

→ The one who asks is a fool for 5 minutes, the one who does not ask, remains a fool for ever

→ It is better to know everything of one subject, than to know something of everything.

→ The past becomes longer and longer and the future shorter and shorter, the hope in the future is bigger than the regrets for the past

→ Never drive faster thant you guardian angel can fly !

→ Getting an other boyfriend or husband is like buying a house. You have to improve yourself.

→ When you choose not to make a choice, you do choose because you choose not to choose.

→ Life is hard, learn from the mistakes of others and not of your own mistakes !

→ When you turn you nose 180 degrees, you would drown when it rains

→ Children in the backseat cause accidents… Accidents in the back seat cause children.

→ People wasted a lot of time talking about who came first, the chicken or the egg, but it was surely the cock.

→ Life is hard, but the front of a train is harder…

→ Learn from the mistakes of others… you can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves!!

→ Life is like toilet paper, long and usefull !!!!

→ A fart is nothing more than a lost cough.

→ One day you will find the woman of your life and at that point you will already be married.

→ I only drink to make my wife look prettier.

→ It is weird that my nose is running and my feet smell.

→ Love is blind, ladies’ underwear is braille

→ Love based on beauty, dies along with the beauty.

→ Be nice to those who smoke, every sigarette may be their last.

→ Boredom was the other word for a safe and undisturbed life.

→ Do not keep hanging in the past, do not dream of the future, but concentrate on the present.

→ Light is faster than sound. That is why people look intelligent, until you hear them speak.

→ All mushrooms are eatable. But some you can only eat once.

→ Nature is a miracle. One million years ago no one knew people would wear glasses but our ears are at the right spot.

→ A pessimist is someone who believes that women are frivolous. An optimist is someone who hopes for this.

→ Every good-bye is the birth of a memory

→ Every married man knows why they name hurricanes after women

→ Common sense and a sense of humour are the sames things but at different speeds. A good sense of humor is just common sense that dances.

→ I believe that there is life after death. But I do not think I will live it.

→ There are so many things I have to do, that I should better go to sleep.

→ You may not be too hard on my secretaries. They are sweet and understanding when I arrive at the office after having a tough day at home.

→ Only 17% of all trafic accidents was caused by drunk drivers, so the other 83% was caused by, yes you got it….the sober ones among us!!

→ What do you have in common with your husband ? ” We married on the same day.”

→ Good advice,whatever happens, make it look like to intend to.

→ Words of a client in an antique shop: do you have anything new ?