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→ Troubles keep me interested in my life 🙂

→ Sometimes it`s easier to act like you don`t care than to admit it`s killing you.

→ The best way to lie is to tell the truth, carefully edited truth.

→ I`m too humble. That`s my problem.

→ It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart <3

→ Greatness does not happen over night

→ Definition of being weired: Doing the things people wish they could, but don`t.

→ Having problems are inevitable, but being stressed out because of those problems is an option.

→ There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little bit better.

→ Step backward doesn`t always mean we`re defeated. It means we`re going to take the same step forward again, but.. wiser.

→ Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings.

→ people who laugh the most have experienced the most pain

→ An ugly pesonality can destroy a pretty face…

→ Why give second chances when there are people waiting for their first?

→ i don`t need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends i can be certain of.

→ Regret is looking back. Worry is looking forward. Hope is looking up.

→ Quitters never reach success, successes never quit.

→ Nothing is Impossible, because IMPOSSIBLE itself says, I’M POSSIBLE.

→ Make them wonder why you`re still smiling.

→ Confucius says “Love one another.” If it doesn`t work, just interchange the last two words.

→ Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the more you have the longer you live.

→ The 3 C`s of life…Choice, Chance, Change.. You must make the Choice to take the Chance if u want anything to Change.

→ There are two kinds of secrets: 1. Those we keep from others. 2. Those we hide from ourselves.

→ good judgment comes from experience. sometimes, experience comes from bad judgment.

→ Promise only what you can deliver. Then deliver more than you promise.

→ R – Reigniting
I – Inspirations
S – Strive for
E – Excellence

→ A girl`s laughter is much more cheerful than a boy`s. But a boy`s tear is much more meaningful than a girl`s.

→ “You can`t have everything. Where would you put it?”

→ Too many people buy things they don`t need, with money they don`t have, trying to impress people they don`t even like.

→ Life is like a rollercoaster. You can either scream everytime you hit a bump, or you can throw your hands up & enjoy the ride!

→ And it all comes down to the last person you think about before you fall asleep.

→ Luck comes when you decided to be lucky.

→ Asking a question is easy. Hearing the truth isn`t.

→ Sometimes we burn a bridge and ask ourselves afterward how we allowed it to be built in the first place

→ Don`t try to fix something that isn`t broken.

→ Silence is a wonderful way of saying things, especially when the person is not paying attention!!

→ People’s words affect you only as much as you let them.

→ In a relationship, jealousy is needed in the right amount. Not too much, and the lesser the better.

→ If you don`t have at least one hater, then you are not doing something right .

→ Hope is wishing something would happen. Faith is believing something will happen. Courage is making something happen.

→ When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down happy. They told me I didn`t understand the assignment. I told them they didn`t.

→ It is okay to care what people think about you, as long as they are the people that actually matter to you.

→ Experience is the name men give to their mistakes.

→ 3 Main rules in Relationships: Don`t lie, Don`t cheat, and Don`t make promises you can`t keep.

→ If you don`t want me to cross the line, then don`t draw one.

→ A person who irritates you is always the one who loves you very much but fails to express it.

→ Don`t make simple things complicated, try to simplify complicated things.

→ Just because we want something in our lives doesn`t mean we need it !

→ Just because you have a heart, doesn`t make you a human, you got to have emotions in that.

→ If you’re watching a show about saying yes to a wedding dress instead of Spike Guys Choice Awards tonight, you’re probably hungry

→ The less attention you give someone, the more they`ll give you.

→ Patience is the key to achieve your goals.

→ You can`t force people to stay in your life because Staying is a choice.

→ It`s more important to know where you`re going than to get there quickly.

→ If you can`t sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there worrying. It`s the worry that gets you, not the lack of sleep.

→ The secret to happiness is not in doing what one likes to do, but in liking what one has to do.

→ The biggest problem in life isn`t the problem itself, but how people act upon it.

→ Instead of focusing on what’s missing, learn to appreciate what’s there.

→ The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited or erased. It can only be accepted.

→ There are 3 things in life, that should never be broken: Heart, promises, and friendship.

→ Don`t promise when you`re happy, Don`t reply when you`re angry, and Don`t decide when you`re sad.

→ You have to have a bad day every once in a while. Otherwise you`ll never know what a good day feels like.

→ Life is full of fake people. Before you decide to judge them, make sure you`re not one of them.

→ I`m not curious.. I was just asking *wink*

→ When something is gained, something else is also lost.

→ Decisions are the hardest moves to make specially when its a choice between what you should be and what you want to be.

→ Stay strong, beautiful. Because things will get better. it might be stromy now but it can`t rain forever <3

→ People who gossip with you, most likely gossip about you.

→ The distance between genius and insanity is measured only by success .

→ Nobody knows everything but everybody knows something!!!

→ If it`s important to you, you will find a way. If it`s not important to you, you will find an excuse.

→ The scars you can`t see are the hardest to heal.

→ If you keep hiding things to the world, eventually, the world comes knocking on your door.

→ Faking a smile is the most painful lie but the most effective way to hide from all the questions.

→ Bullshit might get you to the top, but it won’t keep you there.

→ “Dont underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers”

→ You know he really cares when he asks whats wrong, and you tell him `nothing`, but he waits for the real answer.

→ This is your life and your world. Shape it, or else some other person will.

→ If You are not haPpY
being SINGLE !
You wi|l never be haPpY In a
ReLationshIp !

GeT YouR Own Life fiist ,
…Then try to share it wIth

→ It`s better to say too much than to never say what you needed to say.

→ Maybe being nice is more important than being cool.

→ “Real friends are easier to meet when you’re in need rather than when they’re in need.”

→ Life is not fair, but life is not fair for everyone… which actually makes it fair

→ The biggest problem for one person may be the smallest problem for others. It just depends on how they see it.

→ To be happy, DON`T do whatever you LIKE! LIKE whatever you DO! Happiness comes not from having much to live on, but.. much to live for.

→ Sometimes you have to play hard to get to find out, if the person’s feelings are real

→ If you leave without a reason, don`t come back with an excuse.

→ If you want to change your life, change your mind.

→ Listen to your elders advices, not because they are always right, but because they have more experiences of being wrong.

→ How much you put into a relationship determines how much it will hurt when it ends.

→ Sometimes, it`s ok to let go of some people, to help them understand your value and importance in the future!

→ Silence is a friend who will never betray.

→ There are two reasons people don`t talk about something. Either it means nothing or it means everything.♥

→ Relationship ends when you break your commitments. Friendship ends when you stop trusting each other.

→ Whoever wants to be a judge of human nature should study people`s excuses

→ Silence & smiles are two powerful tools. Smiling is the way to “solve” problems & silence is the way to “avoid” them.

→ The biggest problem for one person may be the smallest problem for others. It just depends on how they see it.

→ The most desired gift of love is not diamonds or roses or chocolate. It is focused attention

→ Not having any haters is impossible because you can`t please everyone.

→ “No” is not a negative word. Saying “No” can save you from some of the life`s greatest pains

→ Don`t do something permanently stupid because you`re temporarily upset.

→ Be mindful what you toss away, be careful what you push away, and think hard before walking away.

→ life is the ticket to the greatest show on earth.

→ Don`t look back and ask why. Look ahead and say why not

→ i`m not worrying, i`m thinking ahead…

→ Never regret. If its good, its wonderful. If its bad, its experience.

→ “If you overlook the way right before your eyes, how will you recognize the path beneath your feet?”

→ A good person let`s go and forgives even the most painful of things, a great person also forget`s them.

→ BOYS, If you can’t stand women’s moodiness n women’s questions, don’t court one.

→ Nothing will work unless you start working.

→ Don`t be irreplaceable. If you can`t be replaced, you can`t be promoted.

→ I’m too lazy to search what PROCRASTINATION means… so, I’ll GOOGLE it tomorrow

→ —> insert clever status here <—

→ Sometimes people have to cry out all their tears to make room for a heart full of smiles.

→ Improvement starts with “I”

→ I aspire to inspire until I expire.

→ The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything…

→ Why do people lie and cheat? Because they know its easier to get forgiveness than permission

→ When odds are one in a million, be that one.

→ Some people think NO is a negative word. But sometimes saying NO can save you from life`s greatest pains!

→ the two best times to keep your mouth shut are when you`re swimming and when you`re angry.

→ May you always be treated the way you treat others.

→ Life`s like a pen. You can use white out to cover the mistakes up, but you`ll always be reminded of where you went wrong.

→ There are more important things in life than money. The trouble is they all cost money. ツ

→ “You`re nothing to me.” “Why??” “Because nothing lasts forever..”

→ How to get your teen to clean their room? Tell them you love doing it for them because then you get to snoop around in their stuff!

→ I think, therefore I like

→ If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again it was probably worth it.

→ Would a fly without wings be called a walk??

→ This dog,is dog,a dog,good dog,way dog,2 dog,keep dog,an dog,idiot dog,busy dog,4 dog,30 dog,seconds dog. Now read without the word dog

→ Here`s to the future, because I`m done with the past.

→ nothing is funny when you are trying to be funny

→ If you asked me how many times you`ve crossed my mind, i`d say once because you`ve never really left.

→ “Your future depends on your dreams”… So……. GO TO SLEEP.

→ Im a nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, I`m perfect.

→ Smiling does not necessarily mean you`re happy. Sometimes it just means you`re strong.

→ FOUR is the only number whose number of letters in the name equals the number.

→ simple tips to play safe.
* Don`t promise when you`re HaPpy
* Don`t replY when you`re anGry
* Don`t decide when you`re Sad

→ People are funny. They spend money they haven`t earned, to buy things they don`t need, to impress people they don`t like.

→ Ask no questions and here no lies.

→ [w]onderful. [e]xiting. [i]ndependent. [r]eal. [d]ifferent. LIKE If you`re weird. :`)

→ Remember this when u think you`ve lost your way: Sometimes it takes a WRONG turn to put us in the RIGHT place.

→ You can`t learn from a lesson, if you don`t make the mistake.

→ Never think you`re ugly, you`re always beautiful in your own way.

→ If you like water than you already like 72% of me. 🙂

→ I don’t wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone.

→ Only two things I wish EVERYTHING AND NOTHING: Everything that makes you happy and nothing makes you suffer Happy new year!

→ I am 100% sure you are reading my status right now

→ You might say I`m a dreamer, but I`m not the only one – John Lennon

→ Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.

→ I am a part of all that I have met.

→ Money can’t buy friends, but you can get a better class of enemy.

→ You can`t be late until you show up.

→ Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway. 🙂

→ has learned that you can`t please everyone… but you can piss them all off at the same time!

→ Don’t ever wrestle with a pig. You’ll both get dirty, but the pig will enjoy it.

→ put your hands up if you think I’m crazy… think again who’s the one sticking their hand up in front of the computer

→ If you admit when you’re wrong then that counts as being right… so basically, I’m always right.

→ Nobody can go back and start a new beginning ,,,but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

→ Everyone want to change the WORLD,but no one thinks to change HIMSELF!!!

→ Take chances. Tell the truth. Say no. Fall in
love. Be random. Say I love you. Sing out loud. Laugh and Cry. Get angry, Get revenge. Apologise, learn LIVE LIFE!

→ Two things in life you have to take mental note of: don`t make any decisions when you`re
ANGRY. and Never make any promises when you`re HAPPY!

→ I’m feeling a little off today. Would you mind turning me on?

→ If you admit when you’re wrong then that counts as being right… so basically, I’m always right.

→ They say to dream big but did they say for how long?

→ ^Think G R E E N.. i`m telling you-it`s the cleanest thought^ “)

→ I`m reading a book about anti-gravity. It`s impossible to put down.

→ People say that things happen for a reason. So when I hit you up side the head, remember I had a reason.

→ If being apathetic is wrong, then I don’t care.

→ Google “Chuck Norris” and then click I’m feeling lucky.

→ Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them….

→ Trust is hard to gain, yet easy to lose.

→ Never apologise for saying what you feel, its like saying “sorry for being real”