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Everyone hears what you say. I listen to what you say. Best Lover listen to what you don’t say.

A memory lasts forever, Never does it die. True Lovers stay together And never said goodbye. Donot say good bye to me my sweet heart.

A road to a your house is never long for me. Because you are in my heart house.

love is when u don’t want to go to sleep because reality is better than a dream. I will not sleep 2day. Waiting for you

Last night I looked up at the stars, And matched each one with a reason why I love you. Till I cannot matched

If I would be a tear in your eye I will roll down on your cheek and die on ur lip and if you would be a tear in my eye I will never cry by a fear of losing

why do we close our eyes when we sleep- when we dream, when we kiss? becoz the most precious thing in the world is unseen.When i close my eyes I see u

What’s the difference between pleasure and torture? Pleasure is when you are with me.. Torture is when you are not with me.

Love is like a CD Track that links our hearts together and if you ever break that CD you will break my heart.

Accidents do happen.slip,stumble i fall but usually i dont care.but now i dont know what to do Becuase i slipped and fell in ‘Love with my sweet heart’

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.but every time you are with me I will be joy always

For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it

I pray to god ‘I want to u’ when god gave you to me, he planted the image of YOU deep in my heart .

i wndr y d strs stl shyn evn f im sad.“i wndr y d birds stl fly evn f i cry.“i wndr y d sun stl smyls evn f im blu.“myb bcz d wrld’s telin me i stl hv u.

D bad tyms can strengthen a relationship if both persons r willing to make a commitment 2 do whatever it takes 2 work on d problems & learn from the bad times

its ok 2 disagree w/ sum1 u luv. how u disagree makes all the difference. Disagree with respect 4 d other person’s opinion whether or not u think its right.

u dnt hav 2 ask f i care. in evry word u say, fil free2tel ur worries & realyz dt im hir..4 now 4 always & 4evr 4u exclusvely…

i tHaNk u Bcoz u LiSten wHen i sPeak & U c Me 4 wHo i am. i wiL thanK u evRy day of My LiFe Bcoz Ur 1 of My Life’s greatst gfts!

Wn it cms 2 luv, its hard 2 know f u hve d ryt 1. Many lovers weep, and left n sorrow.y?Bcoz WoRDS cant iMMoRTaLiZe emotions.

y do we close our eyes wen we dream?..`dts bcoz d most btiful thngs n lyf s unseen..`so ask me…`y cnt i see u ryt nw?

wn i tel u here i am, wn i tel u i cre, i do..wn i teL u iL nver Leave u, i wont. iL b here. i wont Leave u, & iL nver get tired of bein here 4u

Love is like air. you’ll never know it’s there until you feel it and you’ll never know it’s gone until you need it.

Never waste an opportunity to say “i love you” to someone you really love cause it’s not everyday you meet a person who has the magic to let you fall in love

When people see me texting they think i’m addicted to this texting thing. They’re wrong because they don’t know is that it’s YoU i’m addicted to

Even the richest king cant have a greatest treasure i have. he may own things i can only dream of .. but he certainly doesn’t have what i got & it’s you

Your words of love steal someone’s heart, but you don’t know that your heart is already stolen by me, check it!

U can fall from the sky U can fall from a tree But the best way to fall is in love with me.

When two people love each other, they don’t look at each other, they look in the same direction. Believe it or not.

Don’t say you love me unless you really mean it, because I might do something crazy like believe it!.

Love is like a roller coaster. Once you have completed the ride, you want to go again. We will love for rest of our life

Love bears all things, Love believes all things, Love hopes all things, and most precious of all, Love endures all things. Come we love and make things R happpy

If you live to be 100 yrs, I want to live to be 100 yrs minus one day, so I never have to live without you. I Cant live with out U

Love makes life so confusing and difficult but without love would you want to live?. With out you I cannot breath also. Because my heart is with u

If you love me like you told me please be careful with my heart you can take it; just don’t break it

Sweet heart! If a MAGIC HUG could say how much I love you, I would hold you in my arms forever. I LOVE YOU

You showed me how it is to be loved. Now I know what really love is. one day we will be together forever. Please hang signboard in your heart ‘NO Vacancy’

When I look at you, I cannot deny there is a God, cause only God could have created someone as wonderful and beautiful as you
I get the best feeling in the world when you say hi or even smile at me because I know, even if its just for a second, that I’ve crossed your mind

Flowers will die, sun will set, ur a friend I’ll never forget, UR name is so precious & wont grow old, and is engraved in my heart is letters of gold.

Someone Remembers, Somebody Cares, YOUR Name Is Whispered In Somebody”s Prayers, Keep The Bright Hope Of Sunshine In View.., Someone Is Warmly Thinking Of You

The smallest word is I, the sweetest word is Love and the dearest person in the world is you. thats why I Love You 🙂

Love is not an exam tht u pass or fail, love is not a competition tht u win or loose, love is a feeling in which u TAKE CARE of some1, more than ur self…

Every tear is a sign of brokeness every silence is a sign of lonliness every simle is a sign of kindness every sms is a sign of remebrance….,.

You are a part of my life in so many ways And you I will love for the rest of my days Time can’t change the way I feel,For I love you now And I always will,

Each month of the year, each week of the month, each day of the weak, each hour of the day, each second of the hour i miss you

No matter how ugly u think u r, but the who luvs u believes that u r the most beautiful & irrestiable thing on the earth & no one can change that