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→ I hate when I look horrible in a group picture and the person that looks good refuses to delete it.

→ loves doing the “scroll of shame” the morning after drinking. That`s when I walk through all the stuff I shouldn`t have done on Facebook the night before.

→ just explained to my mom that not “liking” her status wasn’t the same as “disliking” her status. Facebook can be complicated.

→ Take it easy! you`re just in the wrong fb wall as I am!! “)

→ insert coin 2 view todayz status!! 😀 😀

→ Tries to fill the empty void in his life by gettign people to like his status updates.

→ We should put together, My Space, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter…and call it: My Face You Twitt !

→ is wondering if you can grow marijuana on Farmville then sell it on Mafia Wars? 😉

→ is updating his status to let you know his status is that he has no status.

→ is thinking about how everyone seems to have their face in a book but no one seems to be reading much anymore.

→ is wondering if i will get a notification if i like my own status. Lets find out.

→ says that all of his true friends will like this status. Are you his true friend?

→ why is it that whenever there’s two women in a profile pic the hot one is always someone else..?

→ Like this if you want more status
Leave a comment on what topic I should talk about
More Status
…I need ideas people

→ I Liked your Status and now 25 notifications later……..I`m hating me for Liking your status!

→ I`m in a cab, in a strange city, and my driver looks like he`s going to eat me. My facebook password is **** I want you to have the one thing I hold dearest to my heart.

→ Just deleted 10 friends – Are you next??

→ Dad joined facebook. . . . . .kid`s status. . .`wtf`. . . .dad asks him. . . . . `what is wtf. . ?`. . Kid replies. . . .`welcome to facebook. . .`. . . . 😛

→ lkie fi yuo cna raed tihs whit no porlbem yuo`er jsut htat smrat.

→ ☠ ☠ ☠ Pirates hijacked my Facebook status! ☠ ☠ ☠

→ When Facebook starts showing how many times you have visited someone`s profile, we`re all screwed.

→ I’m starting a story. Each person who comments – add the next sentence in the story! Here’s the first sentence: “It was a monday morning at school…”

→ Fun Status Game!! reach for the nearest book and comment on this status with the second line of the second paragraph on page 20.

→ Copy this onto your status and see what people rate you! (1) ghetto (2) wish we went out (3) talkative (4) sarcastic (5) loveable (6) crazy (7) i want you (8) spoilt (9) great parent (10) wild (11) funny (12) beautiful (13) mature (14) ugly (15) I’d take you home 😉 (16) wish I had ur number (17) wierd (18) honest (19) freak (20)sexy

→ Comment me a color! BLACK -i hαte you. PINK -i fαncy you. PURPLE -i would dαte you. BLUE -i did love you. RED -i do love you. SILVER -we αre close. GOLD -i like you. GREEN -i will αlwαys love you. ORANGE -i think you’re sexy. YELLOW -you’re my best friend. BROWN -you’re funny. Put this αs your stαtus and see whαt colours you get!

→ like this and I’ll tell you what profession I think you will have.

→ Like this if you think you can do better

→ Look at your status, now back to mine. Now back to yours, now back to mine. Sadly, yours isn`t mine. But if you stopped posting useless idiocy and made this your status, yours could be like mine. Look down, back up.Where are you? You`re on Facebook, reading the status your status could be like. Anything is possible when your status has a point. I`m on a computer

→ Just wanted to let you know that you are my BFBFF… Best Facebook Friend Forever..

→ Study…study…stud….sta….ah….staf…..stafay….fay….face….facebook 😀

→ YES, Facebook, I already CHECKED that notification, now can you please get rid of that little red number?!

→ Facebook is like a refrigerator. You get bored and keep checking, but nothing ever changes.

→ Wow! You`re photos really don`t look like you in real life. Maybe you`ve edited them too much?

→ Liking your own status on like high fiving yourself in public 🙂

→ I think Facebook needs a “NOBODY CARES” button right below the status update.

→ Facebook is like Jail, you sit around and waste time, You write on walls, play useless games and you get poked by weird people…

→ People liking my status from a week ago on Facebook proves that I have stalkers.

→ Looking at people`s mutual friends and saying “OMG HOW DO YOU KNOW THEM”

→ LIKE this if you need a vacation!

→ Dear Facebook, you are my favorite distraction.

→ Facebook is the only place where it’s acceptable to talk to a wall.

→ That akward moment when someone you really hate send you a friend request..

→ “*News Flash* cure found for Facebook addiction press “Alt + f4″ for answer”

→ Inbox (1) makes me happy… Notifications (1000000) does not.

→ *you have 1 notification* Me:”excited” clicks *Someone has sent you request in a game *Me: =.=

→ Hi,my name is _________ and I`m a likeoholic.

→ LIKE If cleaning your room used to mean shoving everything under your bed or in your closet

→ If your relationship status says, “It`s complicated” you should stop kidding yourself and change it to “Single” 🙂

→ LIKE if you`re online 😉

→ L…..wait for it……IKE! 🙂

→ “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”…”aww u remembered my birthday?”…”ofcourse!, LOL Facebook told me!” 😀

→ EVERYBODY`s online ,except the one u actually want 🙁

→ I always (LIKE)

→ If you were a facebook status, I would Like you. And if you were a tweet, I would Retweet U! 😉

→ Like my status and I`ll tell you: we met first impression of you
3.what i like about you
4.favorite memory with you
5.a color that reminds me of you

→ facebook needs a wtf button!

→ Facebook is my mouth. YouTube is my ears. Twitter is my heart.

→ Poking; The weirdest sign of affection!

→ Who’s that sexy beast…………..oh I clicked on my own profile again!!

→ Don`t flatter yourself, I sent a friend request not a marriage proposal.

→ Your real friends write on your Facebook wall when its Not Your Birthday.

→ Posting Your Favourite SuperHero As Your Profile Picture.

→ The awkward moment when you realize your status fails.

→ Facebook needs a get a life button.

→ “I got to show you who I`m talking about, let`s get on facebook.”

→ When I read your status , I mentally correct your grammar mistakes.

→ Right now, all across the world, people are partying, falling in love and making the most of life. Me?…I`m on facebook! 🙂

→ If u feel a bit lonely, 4gotten or just need someone to cheer you up remember….you can always change your birthday on facebook.

→ If facebook were to crash, America would be full of people walking around towns across the country, talking to walls and poking people…

→ When someone likes your status that you shared about a week ago and you think to yourself, “They must stalk me.”

→ Yes my status is about you, I was just hoping you got the hint.

→ Seeing a status update and wondering if it`s about you, but not having the courage to ask.

→ “How do I reply to that comment??.. Yeah I`ll just like it”

→ That one friend who is online at 4 am.

→ “Hey, i`ll be back in 5 minutes…” In case I`m not… Just read the above sentence again.” 🙂

→ The Awkward moment when you get no likes so you delete your post :/

→ being on facebook with nothing better to do so you just like random “likes” and blow peoples wall up

→ That’s it i’m logging out now. Oooooooh look, a notification!

→ We all have those entertaining facebook fights ♥

→ Facebook always asks me “What`s on your mind?”, .. .. and most of the times, I just copy & paste from others mind..

→ Before Facebook, I never realized so many people had birthdays…

→ When the mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012, they were meaning that Facebook would close.


→ Life is like Facebook – People will like your problems & often comment on them, but only a few will try and help you solve them, while everyone else is too busy trying to update their status.

→ Press Enter to dislike the `Press Enter to post`

→ When your caring boyfriend/girlfriend puts you in their status cause they don’t care what their friend’s think.

→ I hate it when I write a sarcastic Facebook status and someone who doesn’t get it has to comment and ruin it.

→ That Awkward Moment When there’s nothing new on Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter, so you just stare blankly at the screen switching tabs randomly.

→ Without you, I`m like… Status Update without Likes.

→ Facebook should change “in a relationship” to “i love my boyfriend/girlfriend” !

→ I don`t know you but, Facebook says its your birthday so..HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

→ you don`t have to like me. I`m not a facebook status.. 🙂

→ Facebook… Why am I so addicted to you???

→ Facebook is like a refrigerator. You get bored and keep checking, but nothing ever changes 🙂

→ Recycle your bottles not your status updates.

→ I also think Facebook should change “Friends” to “People with whom I have made eye contact”

→ no matter what you do on the computer you always end up on twitter or facebook

→ It`s amazing how much you discover on facebook.

→ In an emergency, I`d probably write status about it before calling the police.

→ Does anybody know how can I send an enemy request on Facebook?

→ Texting + Facebook= Textbook. So I`m studying.

→ 1 friend request, 0 mutual friends, WTF?! how did you find me???? o.O

→ Dear whoever reads this status, SMILE cause you are Beautiful, Sincerely, me. (:

→ I`m in love with your statuses. You always make me smile 🙂 ♥

→ 39 mutual friends and still don`t know who this person is(was). (WTF)

→ When I die, i`m gonna have a “like” and “dislike” button on my gravestone 🙂

→ LIFE – (Facebook + Music) = Boring!

→ It`s not official until it`s on facebook.

→ Dear Facebook, I can`t believe you still haven`t gotten that dislike button. Sincerely, YouTube.

→ You don’t have to like me. I’m not a Facebook status.

→ What Is FACEBOOK ? . . . .

→ Its A Place Where Boy Posts Joke, Gets No Response…
And If Girl Posts The Same Joke,
She Gets 150 Likes, 300 Comments & 60 Friends Requests.

→ That awkward moment when one of your family members sends you a family request on Facebook.

→ I left MySpace for Facebook, and now I`m cheating on Facebook with Twitter

→ FACEBOOK FACT The people under your friends list on your wall are the people who visit your wall the most.

→ “Twitter is over capacity.” *Refresh* “Twitter is over capacity.” *Refresh* Screw it, I`m getting on Facebook.

→ Facebook REALLY needs a `No one cares` button

→ That one day fame on facebook because it`s not birthday.

→ Thanks to Facebook, i now know what everyone`s bathroom looks like

→ CAUTION: This status will self-destruct in 10 seconds. The only way to stop it is by LIKE it! 😀

→ Morning Routine: 1. Wake Up 2. Check phone for messages 3. Check Facebook for any notifications

→ Facebook = You realize how different you are from people. Twitter = You realize there are people who knows exactly how you feel.

→ That awkward moment when someone you don`t know adds you on facebook and they message you asking who you are. B*tch, you added me!

→ Is it just me, or does having family members as friends on Facebook limit the things that you can say.

→ Log Out is the hardest button to press

→ I remember all my friends` birthday! Since I was on Facebook!

→ Facebook should get a “I don`t even know you” button, for the dumbasses who like to try to add people they don`t know.

→ Thanks Facebook, now I don`t know who actually remembered my birthday!

→ Mom, Dad and Teachers, OK, you`re on Facebook, please don`t invade Twitter now.

→ when a girl hacks a Facebook account “OMG hacked by Nicole LOVE YOU Bar”.
when a guy hacks a Facebook account “I am gay!!”

→ Good hair day = New profile picture.

→ What is Facebook? A place where boy posts a joke there is no response … but Girl posts same joke she get 95 likes, 35 comment, 15 friend requests..! Like if agree 😛

→ Facebook; the only place where I can be married to my best friend, and have more than 20 siblings.

→ The awkward moment when someone deletes their comment on facebook and you look like you’re talking to yourself.

→ I`m busy “liking” everything on Facebook to counterbalance all the “unliking” I do in real life.

→ There`s a thin line between “I should make a status about that” and “I should talk to a therapist about that.”

→ If my boss saw how many cool things I post on Facebook in a day, he`d stop saying I`m unproductive.

→ The awkward moment when someone likes your picture that you posted 8 months ago…

→ The first and last person to LIKE this status are the sexiest people in the whole wide world! 🙂

→ How did we spend all our time before Facebook was invented? D:

→ Teaching your own mother how to use Facebook is like willingly signing your own death warrant..!

→ Roses are red, Facebook is blue, No mutual friends, Who the f*ck are you?

→ That awkward moment when a comment gets more “likes” than your status.

→ ☻/ღ˚ •。* ♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。 /▌*˛˚ღ •˚ ˚…just sprinkling a little Love on your profile. ~♥~˚ ✰* ★ / ˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。

→ That awkward moment when someone comments on a really old picture and you realize they were probably stalking your page.

→ I`m back.. from my Facebook vacation 🙂

→ Like If : you hate when you get a notification, but it turns out to be pointless -_-

→ I made my Facebook status: “I kissed a girl”and then I liked it…

→ Sitting down real quick to check Facebook and Twitter…an hour later, I`m still there…