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Happy Mother’s Day Quotes Status SMS Messages

→ Though I have not seen her for the last 7 years, she’s always in front of my eyes. My one eye bears her picture, while the other looks on to the world to
which she brought me in. I hope one day I will meet her, and tell her how much i missed her. I will reborn again, when i will put my head in her lap and fall
asleep again. Like she used to put me to bed during my sleepless nights. I love you and miss you with all my heart.

→ If I have never said thank you for being a friend I’ do it now. Thanks for always helping me remember what is important in life. You are a woman of
substance, helpful, tolerent, friendly, & loving. May God bless you & your children.

→ If I knew as a child what I know now, Mom, I probably wouldn’t have made things so hard for you.
I would have understood that you were looking out for my best interest.
even though it may not have seemed so at the time. I would have known how difficult it is to let go,
to stand back and let someone you love learn from their mistakes.
I would have realized how fortunate I was to have a mother who was always there for me,even after an argument,even after I’d said things I shouldn’t have.
While it’s too late for a lot of things, it’s not too late for me to tell you that I appreciate how loving you are, how giving you’ve always been and that
even though I may not always be good at showing it, I love you very much.

→ Thank You Mom
I know how often I took you for granted when I was growing up. I always assumed you’d be there when I needed you. and you always were. But I never really
thought about what that meant till I got older and began to realize how often your time and energy were devoted to me. So now, for all the times I didn’t say
it before, thank you, Mom…I love you so very much!

→ To that dear woman in my life, hey mom, I love you, and have a great Mothers Day.

→ Mommy I will always love you. Mom you are always there for me. I will always love you.

→ Hey Mother’s Day mean so much to me. Without a mom none of us would have been in this world Thanks To Our Mom

→ My Loving Mom
I wish my Mom a long life and a peace of mind in her whole life. I pray that God will prolong my Mother’s age until I will meet her again. I haven’t see my
mother for a long times. I can say here Mother’s love is similar to God’s love. On the Mothers Day, I will request all sons and daughters to feel about
Mother’s love, and realize her compassion for us.
God bless you Mom!

→ Mother you are a special person and something very sweet. I love when u call my name. It takes a mom to be a mother it takes a friend to be mom

→ You are the best mom that I every had. And I mean it from the bottom of my heart. MMMMMMMomm yes i do love you, yeah yeah, yeah i do love you.

→ God gives the neediest children to the mothers that are capable of the greatest love and then he leaves the outcome in the hands of this incredible woman.
Will she tap into this life-sustaining gift of love and save her child or will she not recognize the gift and put the child in someone else’s hands to save?
Very, very few chose the former, but when they do a circle of love is created between the mother and child that will never be penetrated, it is a blessing
from God. Thank you for loving me, for sustaining my life. You are one of the very,very few. Happy Mothers Day !

→ God Bless All Mothers .
“Charm Is Deceptive
Beauty Disappears
Woman Who Honors Lord
Should Be Praised . . .
Happy Mothers’ Day ..

→ Mother: it is a beautiful feeling, a beautiful word, a beautiful poem, a beautiful character to portray… I love my mum a lot… This is dedicated to my
Super mom…

→ A small kid was asked to write an essay on Mother.
A smart child wrote :- “Any combination of millions words from 26 alphabets can never describe my MOM “

→ Mother, I love you,
For all that you do.
I’ll kiss you and hug you,
Because you love me, too.
You feed me and need me,
To teach you to play,
So smile because I love you,
On this Mother’s Day

→ A mother’s work is never done
She works from morning until dawn
She spreads her love
And keeps you warm
But only once a year we say
Mother we wish you “Happy Mothers Day”

→ For all that you do. I’ll kiss you and hug you ‘Cause you love me, too. You feed me and need me To teach you to play, So smile ’cause I love you On this
Mother’s Day

→ So many wonderful moments we have spent together, so many wonderful years in all kinds of weather, thinking of u mother brings memories to mind, wonderful
moments i ll treasure, these u gve me sincerely thats why my mom , I love u so dearly. Happy Mothers Day My dear Mom

→ Child Thanks to Mom:) – mom ♥
When you were 1yr, she fed you milk..You thanked her by crying all the night & kept her awake 😐
When you were 10yrs, she got you a new ball..You thanked her by breaking neighbour’s window;)
When you were 15yrs, she took you & your friends for movie..You thanked her by asking to sit in a different row:/
When you are 25yrs, she’ll search whole world to find your best life patner..You may thank her by saying “I am in Love” 😉
When you are 40yrs, she may ask you to buy some medicines..plz dont thank her by saying “I am busy” 🙂
Dont forget she gave her blood as medicine for you…Love & Respect your Mom ♥:)

→ A mother is the truest friend we have,
when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us;
when adversity takes the place of prosperity;
when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us;
when trouble thickens around us;
still will she cling to us,
and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness,
and cause peace to return to our hearts.
Wishing you happy mother’s day

→ Someone Asked : Which Place Is That?
Where Crime & Mistake Is Forbidden?
A Little Child Smiled And Said:
“My Mom’s Heart.”

→ A mum is a rose whose petals are soft,
A mum is a lily whose stem is tall & strong,
A mum is a person who is never wrong,
and A mum is a person u should love forever….
so trust her, believe her & never doubt her.

→ You may be treated like the maid,
you may be treated like the gardner,
you may be treated like the daycare,
you may be treated like the chauffer,
you may be treated like many things.
But one thing is for sure,
You will always be loved.
For a fathers work may be from sun up till sundown,
but a mothers work is never down.
And all that I have, am, and hope to be, I owe to you,
So this is for all the times I forgot to say THANK YOU!!

→ Mother is an undying love,
A love beyond compare,
the one you take your troubles to,
she is the one who really cares.
Mother you are all of this and more,
I love you very much.

→ One day a Girl asked to her Boy Friend…
Girl: if i will gonna blind one day then what will you do??
Boy: I Will take you to the best eye specialist of the world for the best ever treatment….
without thinking about money ‘n all…. 🙂
After some time same question she asked to her mom *
Girl: Mumma you tell,
If i will gonna blind one day then what will you do??
Mom: *Smiled*…. i Will donate my eyes to you…
‘coz i love you more than my self
‘n i can never see my daughter in this condition.. !
Mom’s Reply Itself Explains The Moral Of The Story.. !!

→ My mummy
Everyone’s Mother
Learnt love from you
when required you hugged me and loved me.
Your ears always listened the voice of my heart
You always realized and gave me your shoulder to weep and to laugh
Caught me by hands when I was falling
Oh!mother you are great next to Almighty
but for me you are in deep corner of my heart.