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Suggestions For Facebook Status

→ Ticklinq Is Such a Weird Thinq , Youu HATE It But Always End Up Lauqhinq !

→ Yes, I know there is dog hair on my shirt and the sofa. No, Im not getting rid of the dog. I would get rid of YOU FIRST.

→ If you like me then raise your hand. If not then raise your standards. 🙂

→ Lomography=Lame-ography

→ They say a picture is worth a thousand words,but when i look at yours,I`m speechless ♥!

→ Admit it. You’re the “advice giver” to a problematic friend, but when it comes to your own problems you can’t find a solution.

→ Once in a lifetime you meet a person that takes your breath away, and it`s not because you want them to, it`s because they`re meant to.

→ Acting like you`re texting when you see someone you don`t want to talk to.

→ you never truly realize what you`ve lost…until someone else has it.

→ Three steps to move on. CTRL + ALT + DEL. Control yourself, look for an alternative solution and delete the situation that hurts you.

→ When someone says to me “I hate you.” I automatically respond “I love you too.”

→ don’t mean to brag but my mum said I was the coolest person ever

→ Hates a strong word….Yeah, thats why I used it.

→ Hi spider, nice spider, let me pet you … with my shoe …good spider

→ Saying “ME TOO!”, or “YEP!” even if you didn`t read or hear what the person said.

→ I spent my whole childhood wishing I was older. Now I’m older, it sucks.

→ Try exploring my mind and you won`t sleep in 3 days.

→ The only thing worse than awkward silence, is when that silence is broken by an awkward “Soooo anyways.”

→ Its easy to loose. But hard to find.

→ The best things in life are unseen; That`s why we close our eyes to kiss, to cry, and to dream.

→ The best feeling in the world is seeing someone smile and knowing that you were the reason why.

→ I have to exercise early in the morning before my brain figures out what I’m doing.

→ Touching things that say “Do not touch.”

→ Saying “Or Not” When People Do the Complete Opposite of What You Just Said

→ No one loves the man whom he fears.

→ Right now you`re on facebook.. thinking about the assignment thats due tomorrow… you have loads to do but you`re too lazy to do it

→ Sarcastic replies on facebook.

→ I`m not arguing, I`m just explaining why I`m right.

→ Stupid questions deserve sarcastic answers.

→ Haters exist because we all need fans.

→ Hope for the best, expect the worst, life`s a play and we`re all unrehearsed.

→ Not finishing a sentence because your laughing too hard about the ending.

→ Arguing about who`s cuter (;

→ I won`t live for ever… So it`s now or never.. =)

→ Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.

→ You`re like the stars, you shine so bright. But it`s not easy to reach you.

→ Three Words To Live By Never say never. 🙂

→ No matter what you are to the rest of the world, you are everything to me.

→ The awkward moment when you`re telling the truth and someone still accuses you of lying.

→ FEAR of getting hurt stands in between something amazing and being alone.

→ I like it when you smile, but I love it more when I am the reason.

→ They say the more you laugh the longer you`ll live. thanks to my friends, i`m never gonna die!

→ Life is simple, we make it complicated

→ Be honest. It`s one of the few things in life you can control.

→ The truth often be like what you don`t like, but that`s life. Deal with and try to get used to it

→ Never be afraid to do something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the titanic.

→ Calling someone fake wont make you real. Calling someone ugly wont make you pretty. Calling someone stupid wont make you smart.

→ Even though we yelled at each other, it’s still nice to know he cared.

→ Goodbye is the hardest, because you leave with memories.

→ Just Because you know my name, doesn`t mean you know me.