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Good Night Love Quotes Status SMS

knowing u`has always been`a mystery.“i cudnt evn undrstand`how we evr`bcame friends.“But watevr`d rison mayb`im thankful`coz somehow`u made me hapPy.

if u hesit8 whn i hold ur hand, ill let u go. if u run away whn i giv u a kiss, il let u go. But once u let me giv u a hug, just once… il never let you go.

i luv you`til the day i die,`i luv you`til i break down and cry.`i love you`and i’ll make you see`that noone will ever love you“`more than ME.

Can i say i love you today? if not, can i ask you again tomorrow? and the day after that? Because i’ll be loving you every single day of my life.

When i say i love you, i mean i love you as you are i have no expectations, no selfish motives, no other desires than to let you know i really love you.

Wen u find luv…`Treasure it…`Take care of it…`B true 2 it…`Make gud use of it…`Bcoz luv comes unseen…`U can only c it…“wen it’s gone

Valuing someone is not merely by seeing each other evryday. Wat counts is dat somehow in our busy lives,we remmber each other

ThRee seConDs t0 say i LoVe yoU…`3 hours to explain it…`aNd a LiFeTiMe 2 prove iT.

i never regret d chance i gave myself 2 kwn you. Coz now u’re a part of me dat i’l chersh til d end. im happy having knwn you, hope you fell d same way 2,

Sumday ul forget me… My name, my voice, and who i am to you. But even if you forget me, just want u to know that i will never forget how much you mean to me

its a nice feelin whn sum1 u luv luvs u in return. So whn u knw d 1 u luv has special feelings 4 u, nvr let dem go coz its rare 2 find 2 hearts dat beat`as 1

miles & tym cnt stp wt we hv. ts a bond dt lsts aftr evrytn els n my lyf hs gone wrng.we myt b bth bc doin wt we hv2do, bt f evr ul nid me, il alwys b arnd 4uÜ

Go out on a rainy day and count how many rain drops fall and i’ll tell u thats how much i miss u and care for u

B4 i go to sleep, u knw wht i do? i think of u & whn its my lucky nyt, i dream of u. i dnt wana wake up bcoz whn i do, u know what? i just start missing you

one should not love just to fill in an empty space but to have someone to stay by his side to complete the missing piece in his life

Saying i luv u is important, but not enuf. Love is a verb, an action word. Sumtyms passive because it happens to us but also active because we choose to do it.

The key to finding the right relationship is like most other things in life: keep trying and searching until you find the right one for you

i thought dat if i tried 2 stay away, id learn 2 let you go & forget, but i was wrong. The more i stayed away from you,the more i realized how much i love you.

To love is to risk..`sOmEtiMes we get`wt we dont xpect..`bt dats juz how it is to love..“we simply`have to give..“`not knowing`what to take..

it hurts to see the one you love walk away. but what really hurts the most is when they let you believe that they loved you but they really never did

each day i am with you is better than the last, and my first day with you was the best day of my life.

a boy ws aBout 2 leave, bt b4 he did, he gave his Girl a dozen roses. 11 r real & 1 s artificial & he told d Girl,”dnt cry, i wil love u until d last 1 dies..”

its wrong 4 me 2 say dat i cnt liv w/o u coz i hav livd my lyf b4 i knew instd of syin dat,id rder tel u dis… “i wud liv a betTr lyf..w/u by my side!”

wn u wnt sm1 2 b urs, it only givs u pain. dts y we must b creful in longing 4 sm1, coz d pain is unbearble 2tke esp wn ur longin 2 much 4 nothing at all

all my life i have been searching for true magic, but you were right here beside me the whole time

Do you ever recall d day we 1st met? our 1st helo? d day we bcame lovers? wel i do.i will alwys rmembr..4dat day,i knw ud b d bst gift il b keeping 4ever.

isnt it sad dat whn u hav so much pain n ur heart & u want to talk, d only person who can stop u from crying is exactly the same person who made you cry?

if evr u find urself n luv wid sum1 els,jz thnk of me 4 d lst tym & 4get me. & f evr u find urself in luv w/ d 1 u admire, jz make sureb× she luvs u mor dan i did

i try 2 take d pain away`by findin sum1 new,`bt dn i came 2 realyz`no1 cmpares 2u`&evn f i luk around`pretndin nt 2cry`il alwyZ go bak d day`u finaly sed gudby

in a relationship, it is not important that both partners think the same…what is important is that they both think together

Nvr cling 2 a lost love 4 u cn alwyz find another. 2 truly luv is 2 find d courage 2 walk away &let go of d 1 who wishes to be free, no mater hw much it hurts

Love is something special,`a treasure i want to find…`to others, love is blind.`But for me,`its not true,`coz when i fell in love…“`i saw you.

it’s difficult to find someone like you, it’s like opening a hundred shells under the sea to find one pearl, but finding you makes the dive worthwhile.

if someone would ask me what a beutiful life means. i would lean on your shoulder and hold you close to me, and answer…“”Like this!!!”.

if my heart breaks in2 thousands of pieces,i want u 2 hav evry bit of it, den scater dm acros the sky. There,deyl trn in2 stars so evry1 cud c hw mch i care 4u

if i could reach up and hold a star for every time you’ve made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand. Mwah! =)

People say that when love comes knocking on your door, let it in. But sometimes love comes through a back door and by the time you notice, it’s on its way out.

Loving is not how u forget`bt how you forgive,`not how u listen`but how u understand,`not what u see`but what u feel`and not how u let go`but how u hold on.

Love doesnt seek whats not there.`Love accepts all pains 2 bear.`Love that doesnt die`is love that we cant see.`Love is just waiting`so please just wait 4 me.

Love is so easy to feel,`so hard to explain.`easy to get,`so hard to let go.`easy to spell,`so hard to define.`yet everyone is still taking the risk

Whn u luv, its nt 4 u`2 b undrstud`bt 4 u`2 undrstnd;`nt 4 u`2 take`bt 4 u 2 b takn;`2 listn`nt 2 dict8;`2 sacrifice`&nt 2 dmand;`nt 2 count`or mesure`bt 2 luv

The spaces between our fingers were created so that another person’s fingers could fill them in.

Sometimes the love we are looking for is right in front of us, too close for the eyes to see.“So close your eyes and let your heart see for itself

While i was walking, i stopped for a while and thought of things i don’t have in my life, but i suddenly realized i have you and i feel complete.

Whn ol d wishes in ur heart,ol d dreams uv evr had & ol d things uv always hoped 4 soar in2 the sky & r reflectd in some` elses eyes; den uv found ur destiny

in life, it doesnt matter how far uv traveled, how much you possess or what you have accomplished but rather who you have standing beside you at the very end.