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Women Day Quotes Status SMS

→ Yo Gal!!Smart, fun, strong, amazing..there is no reason for us to not celebrate!  

→ The Little things that you do matter so much to me!Thanks.Happy Womens Day!  

→ This Women’s Day just stand tall cos you are the most special woman of my life!!  

→ On women’s day what can i wish for, but the very best for u!Happy Women’s Day!  

→ Some ppl can make happiness bloom just by being the way they are!u are 1 of them  

→ On Women’s History month sending u ths txt to say I Admire U.Happy Womens Day!:)  

→ Thought i’d remind u today just incase it slipped out ur mind!Happy Women’s Day!  

→ Watever u do, u do it wth grace,style warmth & smile!Happy Women’s Day!  

→ You are one special woman and I want you to know how very important U r this Day  

→ If you could see it from my eyes u would know u are one gem of a Woman!  

→ Happy Women’s Day-wishing you a day thats just like you!Really Special..  

→ No matter frm which angle I luk @ u, u appear 2 b an ANGEL.Happy Womens Day!  

→ You are Strong, Beautiful & Compassionate and much more than words cld ever say!  

→ A beautiful woman smiles in trials,keeps herself calm & grows stronger thru luv  

→ Often v leave our appreciation unspoken!2day we all say Happy Womens Day!!  

→ Across the miles..comes ths wish from me to say! Happy Women’s Day!!  

→ Sending u wishes to say you blossom up the world around me! Happy Women’s Day!  

→ @ Work,@play@fun just everywhere u r amazing!!Happy Women’s Day!  

→ The smarter the woman gets, the more difficult for her to find the right man!  

→ Evn wn d whole world is workng thr r a few who spnd time like u!Happy Womens Day  

→ U ve it in u 2 tk d world in ur stride!May al ur dreams cm true!Happy Womens Day  

→ Here’s wishing u a wonderful time celebrating womanhood!Happy Womens Day!  

→ U r the Passion,U r the Mystery,U r the Magic! Happy Womens Day to d most spcl 1  

→ Its 8th of March..its Women’s day..Wish its filled with Joy!! Happy Women’s Day!  

→ Its just U who is making a difference in so many ppls life!Happy Womens Day!  

→ Woman is blend of beauty and brains,who can put all thngs right!Happy Womens Day  

→ It’s Your Day!It’s Your Day! Wish a special day to a special woman!  

→ Just wanted to thank U frm d bottom of my heart 4 all tht u do!Happy Womens Day!  

→ U can gt her love in al forms-mother,sister,granny,frnd,wife,so respect d Woman!  

→ Like d flower who holds its dew,U hold me when i need u!Thanx-Happy Womens Day!  

→ Gathering for u a bouquet of wishes just to say you are special!Happy Womens Day  

→ U r everything a girl shld be like!Heres wishng u a womens day thats just like U  

→ D most precious possession tht evr comes 2 a man in ths world is a womans heart!  

→ A woman can make happiness bloom all around them!Kudos to U,Happy Womens Day!!  

→ Feel special, unique, on top of the world..its ur day!! Happy Womens Day my girl  

→ D patience 2 listen,d strength 2 support,care is jst in a woman.Happy Womens Day  

→ Raise a toast to a woman whos a blend of many special qualities you admire!Thanx  

→ Ur caring ways make me bloom wth smiles & makes my world a happier place!Thanks  

→ Just the right text for the woman who seems to be able to do it all with ease!  

→ This is just my way of saying that u r a very special Woman in my life!Thanks!  

→ Sometimes we feel it,bt dnt say it!Thnx 4 being d pillar of my life. Happy WDay!  

→ The smarter the woman gets,
the more difficult for her to find the right man!

Sending u wishes to say you blossom up the world around me!
Happy Women’s Day!

Every Indian woman is RANI LAXMI BAI in her life.
RANI – Before marriage
LAXMI – After marriage
BAI – After children

Happy Women’s Day!
Wishing you a day as beautiful as you are!

→ W-onderful

→ So much has been said
and sung of beautiful young girls,
why don’t somebody wake up
to the beauty of old women?

→ A woman is like a tea bag –
you never know
how strong she is
until she gets in hot water.

→ The history of all times,
and of today especially,
teaches that .. .
women will be forgotten
if they forget to think about themselves.

→ A beautiful woman
must expect to be
more accountable for her steps,
than one less attractive.

→ Women are like elephants to me.
I like to look at them,
but I wouldn’t want to own one.

→ For Women:To be happy with a man
you must understand him a lot and love him a little.

For Man:To be happy with a woman
you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all.

→ I love women.
They’re the best thing ever created.
If they want to be like men
and come down to our level, that’s fine.

→ One of the most Beautiful Creations of God.
You can feel her “Innocence” in the form of a Daughter,
You can feel her “Care” in the form of a Sister,
You can feel her “Warmth” in the form of a Friend,
You can feel her “Passion” in the form of a Beloved,
You can feel her “dedication” in the form of a Wife,
You can see her “Divinity” in the form of a Mother.

>>>>>>>> ….Happy Womens Day…. <<<<<<<<<

→ To all women’s
You R GorgeousYou are beautiful
You R Smart
You can lead the world

Enjyoy the pleasure of being a lady

Happy Women’s Day

→ The willingness to listen,
the patience to understand,
the strength to support,
the heart to care & just to be there
that is the beauty of a lady!
Happy Women’s Day!